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We’re an unusual company who like to work differently. Fundamentally we believe that there’s nothing better than working with people you respect and having the freedom to deliver to the best of your ability. Everyone is a doer, not a manager. We ask people to deliver value and collaborate to do so, (rather than thinking too much about set roles or responsibilities). And we practise radical transparency to ensure people have the information and resources they need to make smart decisions.

We are proud of what we do – from building gorgeous games to giving our customers great service they can rely on – but we also know that we can always be better – more innovative, more efficient, more fun to be around – so we need a team that can constantly help us improve and rise to new challenges.

no bosses
lots of play.

We believe in a flat structure with no managers, just doers, where we work together to deliver the maximum value.

great jobs
work anywhere.

We have offices in London, Bilbao, Newcastle and Berlin – plus plenty of staff who work from cafes, homes and beaches around the world… this is the most flexible job you’ll ever have.

of fun.

It’s not about the perks, it’s about the pleasure of working with people you really respect and get along with. Oh and gifs. It’s all about the gifs.

We need artists, developers and game producers to build our future. Do what you love and have fun as you do it.

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